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DMT modulus channel

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mariam posted on Sun, Jul 28 2013 9:33 AM

Dear all,

I am having difficulty figuring out why there is a difference in the modulus obtained from the DMT modulus channel which is in GPa order from that calculated from the HSDC files which turns out to be in MPa order by using the herztian fit. I would really appreciate If there is anyone who can help me solve this issue.

Another question is regarding the step of tip quantification using the reference samples. I was a little bit confused deciding what values to fix for my calculations. In the attached file please find an illustration of what I described. (values in green are default from system while the red values are random values I tried) Different values gave different tip radii. Would it be correct to use the default values or what is the criteria used to decide on these values? How do I decide on the right radius? Both calculation are for the same Height 1 from apex value of 131nm.

Thank you


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Dear Mariam,

If you want us to check your DMTmodulus versus HSDC issue we will need some data - as possible not just as images but the original files to open them in NanoscopeAnalysis. It might have to do with your probe property input, but I can tell you only if you give us the files.

By the way, it might be more convenient if you add the files in another way: If you go to the top right of this website, there is your profile name. If you click on it you will find at the bottom right of the screen the group "My Files". There you can upload your files. Using "Insert Media" you can add them to your posting. I'd recommend to upload ZIP-files.

Regarding tip qualification: It is not very surprising that you get different results when you use these input values. You give a tip image size of only 10 nm, so (as far as I understood it) you limit the size of your tip that way. Also you shut off the Low Pass Filter, so you take into account noise, which might not be wise. However, I do not trust into that tip qualification process nevertheless, so I cannot tell you if there is a "correct" way to evaluate the image. Did you follow the hints in the manual? It is also given there how to capture an image to get reasonable quality tip-qualification images.
It would nevertheless be nice to read the opinion of a Bruker employee... 

By the way, why do you use this step-wise color scale bar? It doesn't really help to understand the image.

Best regards, Dietmar

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