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Bruker Supports 2013 Marine Biological Laboratory Physiology Course

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Tracy Krainer Posted: Thu, Aug 22 2013 12:21 PM
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Bruker Supports 2013 Marine Biological
Laboratory Physiology Course

August 2013

Students Experience AFM's High-Resolution Imaging and Mechanical Measurement Capabilities

Bruker's support of the Marine Biological Laboratory (MBL) Physiology Course at Woods Hole has now stretched to six years. The long-running summer course is one of the country's premier training venues for young scientists, bringing together an interdisciplinary group of scientists and technologies for six weeks of cutting-edge research. As in previous years, the BioScope Catalyst™ AFM proved popular with students, who used it for a wide range of experiments ranging from cell mechanics measurements to high-resolution imaging of biomolecular assemblies.

"For six years now, a BioScope AFM from Bruker has introduced students in the MBL Physiology Course to the many applications of force microscopy in cell biology," said Dr. Daniel Fletcher. "As part of an intensive summer research experience, students used the Catalyst AFM integrated with an epi-fluorescence microscope to image and measure physical properties of molecules, cells, and multi-cellular organisms. Having an AFM as part of the MBL Physiology Course, one of the oldest continually running biology courses in the world, has opened up new research opportunities and, I hope, inspired students to incorporate physical thinking in their biological studies."

Bruker offers a full range of AFM products for different application areas within life science research. The BioScope Catalyst AFM is optimized for mechanobiology and other fields of cell biology research. It enables direct integration of the AFM with standard inverted light microscopes, such that high-resolution imaging or measurement of mechanical properties can be combined with optical observations. The MultiMode 8 is the latest in the legendary MultiMode® product line, which has been used since the earliest days of life science AFM for the highest resolution imaging examples of proteins and other biomolecules and biomolecular assemblies. Bruker has also recently announced the FastScan Bio AFM, the first commercial high-speed AFM optimized for life science research. FastScan Bio offers ultra-high resolution imaging while at the same time opening new temporal dimensions in Bio-AFM studies, enabling direct observation of many dynamic biomolecular events.

Save the date for next year's event - July 21 to Aug 2, 2014

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