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"Fixing" a nano-indentation/scratching probe (unbending)

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karamathj posted on Thu, Dec 19 2013 10:05 AM

Hello dear SPM helpers. Fairly basic one here.

My nanoindentation probe (DNISP I believe) is bent back, as in it looks like it suffered too much force at some point. As such the lazer light on the Dimension or Multimode essentially just returns straight back up as opposed to heading toward the photodetector - the bend is 10-20 degrees I guess.

Question simply is; anyone had any success unbending one of these, since they are just stainless steel, right? And if so how? Flipping it upside down and pushing it against the edge of something? Lifting it up underneath an over hanging something? Any advice on doing this safely etc??? Would be really appreciated since I just noticed these things are being dished out at over $2k!!!

Many thanks in advance,

James K

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Hi, I would suggest you send it back to factory for the fix. You may check the repair price first. 

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