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Question about the dependence of spring constant

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Yuki Takahashi posted on Thu, May 8 2014 8:03 PM


I used two kinds of cantilever, 2.8N/m and 40N/m. Then, the different phase images were given.

When I used one that spring constant is 40N/m, there was no phase lag in hard segment region.

But there was phase lag when I used another one that spring constant is 2.8N/m.

I seem like that the two phase images are inverted. Is this true phenomenon? or because of measurement problem?

Could anyone tell me about that, please?

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Ang Li replied on Wed, May 21 2014 2:20 AM

Hi, it's a well known phenomenon depending on tapping force. you can simply change the setpoint during tapping mode imaging and observe the change (sometimes total inversion) of phase image. it's because the origin of the phase shift is complicated and could be from adhesion and viscoelasticity and under different tapping force, different source would dominate the phase contrast.

Ang Li

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