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NanoScope IIIa X-Y Board problem

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Peter Lytvyn posted on Mon, May 19 2014 6:22 AM

Hi everyone!

I have a problem: the scanner does not moving in a horizontal plane. Even when focusing on the tip there is no circular motion of scanner. Z-direction seems OK.

SPM : NanoScope IIIA Dimension 3000 (model NS3a, serial 1495, XY-board “N3A-XY-9209 311-000-057 Rev. B”).

All supply voltages are present on the X-Y board. Ten years ago, we had a similar problem (not fully implemented Y-movement). Board was replaced.

 How to make sure that namely board is broken?


Where can I buy this board (closer to Kiev, Ukraine)?

Thanks, Peter.

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Hi Peter,

here is the list of NanoScope repairers:

They may have what you are after.

Cheers, Dimitri

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