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Tessmer posted on Tue, Oct 20 2015 8:06 AM


a week ago or so I noticed some strange noise coming from our
Nanoscope IIIa "E"-Scanner. It sounds a little bit like a clatter of an
old-fashioned self-timer.
In addition to this, I wasn't able to adjust the A-B/A+B as well as
the (A+C)-(B+D)/A+B+C+D. The A-B/A+B value was constantly increasing or must
I say decreasing from -2.0V to eg -9.0V!?
Trying to engage the cantilever during this phase, I will lost the
Sum-Signal totally.
All this happened in Contact mode.
We use the Nanoscope IIIa, together with the "E"-Scanner. 

Any suggestions, what kind of failure this could be?
What can we do, to bring this fine machine again to "life"?

L. Tessmer

Uni Hohenheim

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Hi Tessmer,

Please contact our tech support for the two documents below. My signature has the contact information.

NBSB0191_Trouble shooting laser problems_MM

NBSB0187_Trouble shooting engage problems_MM



If you need AFM help:

Atomic Force Microscope Technical Support Group

Phone: +1 800-873-9750



Bruker Support:


Bruker Probes:

Expert Training:


Bruker Webinar:

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