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Old Signal Acquisition Module (SAM) on a new Multimode 8

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Alessandro Podestà posted on Tue, Jun 21 2016 9:22 AM

Dear all,

I have an old Signal Acquisition Module (SAM) that I use to read/write signals from/to my Nanoscope IV Multimode.

This old SAM had been originally bought for bridging the Multimode to a Nanoscope IIIa controller; it is a fully passive breakout box.

Typical use consists in reading the raw deflection signal from the photodiode, writing fake deflection signals to the controller, etc..


I wonder whether this old SAM can work also between a new Multimode 8 and a Nanoscope V controller.


Many thanks for any information.


Best regards,

Alessandro Podestà

Alessandro Podestà, PhD
Dept. of Physics and CIMAINA,
Università degli Studi di Milano
via Celoria 16 - 20133 MILANO, Italy
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Hi Alessandro,


the old SAM works fine with a Multimode 8 and NSV. We have a system where we use the same combination.


Best wishes,



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