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Nanoscope Analysis v1.20r1sr3 Now Availiable - Free Download

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Stephen Minne Posted: Mon, Aug 2 2010 4:21 PM


Dear Veeco AFM users,

We are pleased to announce the release of the latest version of Nanoscope Analysis (v1.20r1sr3), Veeco's free offline image processing software. Download by following the directions in the attached .pdf file: Nanoscope Analysis v120r1sr3.pdf


Title: Nanoscope Analysis v1.20r1sr3

Description: NanoScope Analysis is a software package for analyzing SPM data (images, ramp data, HSDC, etc.) collected using Veeco SPMs.  Current features include:

·              Compatible with data from all Veeco Scanning Probe Microscopes (SPMLab and NanoScope)

·              All major functions of Nanoscope v8 offline 

·              Flexible user interface fits multiple monitor configurations, including laptops

·              More intuitive organization of channels and files – no more overlapping windows

·              Image processing and analysis history with Undo/Redo

·              Save your image processing and analysis work at the end of the day 
                  and automatically recreate it later

·              More flexible cursors can be copied across channels or between images

·              Choose between automatic or 'as captured' data scaling

·              Improved image display of quantitative data

·              Improved 3d rendering enabling painting a second channel on the
                  3d surface (now both NanoScope and SPMLab)

·              Context sensitive online help -- just hit F1

·              Particle Analysis

·              Bearing Analysis

·              Image Math (add, subtract, multiply, divide images or scaled 'unit image')

·              Arbitrary image rotation (not just multiples of 90 degrees)

·              Histogram based data range/brightness/contrast & color table selection

·              Optionally use channel specific color tables from the file header

·              SPMLab start from real-time: a single mouse click transfers images
                  from real-time to analysis without interrupting ongoing data acquisition


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