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Lateral force measurement during nanomanipulation

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Alan Tang posted on Tue, Jan 18 2011 4:51 PM


Can you please tell me how to measure the force used in moving an object during nanomanipulation on a Nanoman V with version 7 software?

Thanks in advance.

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Answered (Verified) replied on Wed, Jan 19 2011 3:21 PM
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Hi Alan,

You have two possibilites to achieve that goal:

1. Use the High Speed Data Capture function.  Using the 500 KHz bandwidth will give you about 30s of recording time. (Don't use the 6.25MHz as this will high-pass filter your data as it is ac-coupled). You have to specify which channel you want to record and trigger manually as far as I know.

2. You can use the strip chart. The strip chart will allow for longer recording times when compared to the HSDC. In order to avoid confusion with the recorded data it is advisable to image in tapping mode, the switch manually to contact followed by starting the strip chart. The strip chart got a great imprevement in the latest version 8 in that it saves separate data files whereas in version 7 you have to extract that manually.


In any case, there are choices and the decision is yours.



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Hello Stefan,

Fantastic, thank you!


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