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Force curve in Tapping Mode to measure the cantilever amplitude in nanometers using Innova SPM

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Zhuoyang posted on Thu, Mar 31 2011 3:20 AM


    Can single point spectroscopy be performed in Tapping Mode using Innova SPM? 

    If I want to know the tapping amplitude in nanometers, should I use the method of taking a force curve in Tapping Mode which produces an amplitude vs Z curve (mentioned in earlier post) or Thermal Tune?

    Thanks a lot!


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Answered (Not Verified) replied on Thu, Mar 31 2011 12:27 PM

Hi Zhuoyang,

That question got asked before regarding a Dimension AFM but the basic procedure is the same for an Innova. The thread can be found here:

You can perfom single point spectroscopy and multiple point spectroscopy (aka point and shoot) on Innova in TappingMode operation. When executing a force curve in Tapping you can look at a variety at signals during the z-ramp and choose to also turn to tapping amplitude off to operate a force as if you were imaging in contact mode. Please make sure to set your (absolute) trigger point accordingly.


Thermal tune would give you the spring constant (after you determined the deflection sensitivity) but only works for lever with up to 50kHz resonance frequency on the Innova.

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