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Mattias posted on Fri, Jun 3 2011 3:32 AM

Dear friends,

i'm student new to the subject of AFM imaging and even more new to Thermo-analisis.

But now i'm using SPM INNOVA(Vecco) microscope with VITA SThM Controller to create temerature maps, with VITA-ND-GLA1 probes. We currently using it in constant current mode. I've got a few questions.

1. Is it possible to create quantity conductivity contrast map with our current probes(constant current mode)?

2. What is actually measured in Conductivity Contrast Map in Constant Current Mode?

3. Is it possible to use VITA-ND-NANOTA probes with our current controller?

4. If there were 2 versions on VITA SThM controller(first to work with Constant Current Mode and second to work Constant Current Mode and Consant Temperature Mode) , how can i find hardware diffrence between them.

5. How is temperature(in SELF-HEATING ACTIVE MODE) of probes, measured in VITA-ND-GLA1, and VITA-ND-NANOTA probes?

6. If we take images of two materials (in Conductivity Contrast Mode-with Constant Current Mode) in same conditions will it be possible for tell which of this two, has higher/lower thermal conductivity.

Thanks for your time,



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Answered (Verified) replied on Mon, Jun 6 2011 12:28 PM
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Hi Mattias,

1. SThM is more of a qualitative technique compared to nano-TA which can be properly and easily  calibrated to measure transition phenomena.

2. The resistivity of the SThM probe is measured by looking at the output of the Wheatstone bridge that the probe is part of. That signal is proportional to probe temperature.

3. Physically the nano-TA probes will fit. If you purchased, however, just the SThM VITA module, some components to run a nano-TA experiment are not present. They can be upgraded however. Please contact  Bruker sales if you wish to have more information on pricing.

4. The VITA SThM controller does not offer feedback on the probe in SThM mode. Hence, there is no constant temperature mode.

5. See point 2 for SThM probes. In nano-TA operation the probes are calibrated and you can feed back on the e.g. power supplied to the probe.

6. Yes that should be possible. You should have a test sample for SThM in your kit that should show just that.



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