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July 2011, Issue 2 - Publication Review

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Posted: Wed, Jul 13 2011 4:28 PM
Nanovations newsletter
July 2011, Issue 02

Continued Innovation Expands AFM Capabilities into Diverse Markets

Qualitative Nanoscale Thermal Mapping

With its latest VITA™ module upgrade, Bruker extends nanoscale thermal analysis from single, manual measurements to fully automated thermal property mapping. For the first time on an AFM-based system, a high-resolution map of transition temperatures is generated with a single click. Even on complex materials, the extraction of quantitative thermal property variations and their nanoscale spatial distributions becomes fast and straightforward.  Find Out More (App. Note 124)

Li Battery Example

High Resolution, Electrochemical Imaging

Complimenting our PeakForce TUNA™ Nanoelectrical Application Module, Bruker’s new Environmental Control accessory provides the most complete solution for electrochemical scanning probe microscopy, with the widest solvent compatibility and availability of turnkey 1-ppm environmental control. It takes full advantage of the Bruker AFM platforms, providing the easiest in situ liquid imaging with ScanAsyst® and enables new applications in Lithium battery research. Find Out More

Dimension FastScan Upgrade for your Dimension Icon AFM – AFM full scans in seconds!

If you own a Dimension Icon you can upgrade your system to a Dimension FastScan AFM and gain scanning capabilities never seen in a nanotechnology lab before. Whether surveying new samples, performing high-throughput AFM measurements or performing dynamic observations at the nanometer scale, the Dimension FastScan will add a new dimension to your capabilities. Whether a beginner, casual user or advanced AFM user you will simply become more efficient.

Download New NanoScope Analysis - Free

We have recently released an updated version of our industry-leading NanoScope® software, NanoScope Analysis, with lots of great new features.  NanoScope Analysis is a software package for analyzing atomic force microscope (AFM) data (images, ramp data, HSDC, etc.) collected using Bruker systems. It has been developed as a separate application from the NanoScope control software, allowing us to use a larger memory space, and increase development velocity of offline functions. Check out the many new enhancements and features for yourself.  You can download a copy of NanoScope Analysis from Once the software is installed, hit the F1 key or click on the blue button with the question mark on the toolbar for the online manual. This update supports all versions of NanoScope software (versions 5, 6, 7, and 8).

Announcing the Release of the Bruker Dimension Edge PSS System

Bruker is pleased to announce the release of Dimension™ Edge PSS with NanoMET software for HB-LED applications. The Edge PSS is specifically designed to meet the needs of LED substrate manufacturers by providing a level of automation never before seen in a value-price AFM. The production-worthy capabilities of the Edge PSS with NanoMET system bring the resolution of the AFM out of the lab and onto the production floor. The Dimension Edge PSS provides accurate closed-loop control and combines with the NanoMET automated software to analyze pattern sapphire substrates for such critical parameters as height, pitch, side-wall angle, and more. More Info
Innovation with Integrity
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