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Release version of NanoScope Analysis 1.40r1 is now available!

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Stephen Minne Posted: Wed, Aug 17 2011 12:25 PM

Dear Bruker SPM users,
The release version of NanoScope Analysis v1.40r1 is now available to download.  This version adds some powerful new automation features and fixes some issues with NanoScope Analysis v1.30.  Please take a few minutes to upgrade and let me know what you think.  We are currently in the process of prioritizing features for the next version, so now is a great time to get your requests in!

NanoScope Analysis is a software package for analyzing SPM data (images, ramp data, HSDC, etc.) collected using Bruker SPMs.  Current features and improvements include:
•    New! Automation of image processing and analysis using “Run History” and browser improvements
•    New! Image Export allows export of images to BMP, TIFF, PNG and JPG with or without scale and color bar and either at a given dpi or with the original pixels.  Works with “Run History” to allow many files to be exported at once.
•    New! Creation of AVI movies using Image Export and Run History
•    New! Support for SIS files from Bruker NEOS microscopes
•    New! Threshold indicator for Flatten and Plane-fit
•    Synchronized cursors and analyses: select multiple channels by control-clicking on the tabs.  Subsequent analyses or cursors will be applied to all selected channels
•    Color table editor: choose Commands>Adjust image color scale from the menu
•    Additional monitor size support now includes netbooks, laptops, multiple monitors, etc.
•    Linearity verification
•    Compatible with data from both NanoScope and SPMLab based Scanning Probe Microscopes
•    All major functions of Nanoscope v8.xx offline
•    More intuitive organization of channels and files – no more overlapping windows
•    Image processing and analysis history with Undo/Redo
•    Save your image processing and analysis work at the end of the day and automatically recreate it later
•    Compatible with 64bit operating systems and Windows 7
•    Choose between automatic or 'as captured' data scaling
•    Improved image display of quantitative data
•    Improved hi-res 3D rendering
•    Context sensitive online help -- just hit F1
•    Particle Analysis
•    Bearing Analysis
•    Image Math (add, subtract, multiply, divide images or scaled 'unit image')
•    Arbitrary image rotation (not just multiples of 90 degrees)
•    Histogram based data range/brightness/contrast & color table selection
System Requirements
Required    Recommended
50GB Hard Drive    50GB Hard Drive
Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7    Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7
Minimum 800x600 monitor    Minimum 1280x1024 monitor

You can download a copy of NanoScope Analysis from  Once the software is installed, hit the F1 key or click on the blue button with the question mark on the toolbar for the online manual.  A list of major new features is available under the “Help” menu – click on “What’s New…”

Please feel free to share this version of the software with your colleagues that need to analyze Bruker SPM data files.

Let us know if you have additional feedback on NanoScope Analysis 1.40.  Both positive and negative feedback would be very useful.  Please send your feedback to

Happy data processing!
--Bede Pittenger

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