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January 2012, Issue 1

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January 2012, Issue 01

Call for Papers

We are pleased to announce Seeing at the Nanoscale 2012, being held July 9th-11th, 2012, at the Wills Memorial Building, University of Bristol in the United Kingdom. This is the tenth annual scientific conference focusing on nanostructure imaging, characterization and modification using atomic force microscopy and related techniques.

Abstract Submission Deadline is
March 12, 2012. See Full Details

Upcoming Events
arrow APAC
Feb 5-9: International Conference on Nanoscience and Nanotechnology (ICONN)
– Perth, Australia
Mar 20-22: SEMICON China 2012
– Shanghai, China
arrow Europe
Mar 12-16: Forum des microscopies à sonde locale Sponsoring
– Saint-Jacut de la mer, France
Mar 27-29: DPG Spring Meeting
– Berlin, Germany
arrow Japan
Feb 15-17: nano tech 2012
– Tokyo
Feb 29-Mar 2:  3rd Int’l Rechargeable Battery Expo (Battery Japan)
– Tokyo
arrow North America
Feb 14-16: MD&M West
– Anaheim, CA
Feb 25-29: Biophysical Society
– San Diego, CA
Full List of Events

The Nanoscale World. Your SPM Technical Questions Answered Online.

Get more from your AFM with The Nanoscale World™ online users forum. Now you can access hundreds of Bruker AFM experts and thousands of AFM community members worldwide and online any time of day or night. Join The Nanoscale World now!

Learning Resources

In addition to the Nanoscale World online community, Bruker supports the industry with several valuable resources including: Webinar Series, Webinar Archives, and videos at the Bruker Nano Surfaces YouTube channel.

Check Out Our Full Selection of Dimension FastScan™ Videos

Our newest videos include:
Bacteria attacked by Peptide
FastScan PDES-Dynamics
Fastscan Purple membrane

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Mark Munch, President Bruker Nano Surfaces Division
Mark Munch
President, Bruker Nano Surfaces Division

A Great 2011 Promises an Even
Greater 2012

On behalf of Bruker’s Nano Surfaces Division, I’d like to extend you our best wishes for a Happy New Year. Looking back on 2011, I’m struck again by what a good year it was for our division, which experienced great growth, and for the AFM industry in general. The pace of innovation and introduction of products and solutions that will advance science and enable new opportunities was tremendous. At Bruker, we launched Dimension FastScan™ a groundbreaking advancement that delivered the world’s fastest AFM while providing the highest resolution and quality. It has already made its mark, receiving response as a new standard in AFM technology.

Similarly, our renowned Multimode® 8, which boasts the largest worldwide AFM installed base, evolved to a new level of performance utilizing such innovations as our ScanAsyst® with HRand PeakForce QNM® imaging modes to provide researchers unprecedented ease-of-use and true quantitative AFM results. In addition, we helped continue to harness the convergence of different technologies that have been playing an increasingly major role in our industry. To answer needs in chemical ID, we partnered with leading spectrometer manufacturers to deliver Innova-IRIS a fully integrated AFM-RAMAN solution for advanced TERS-based research. Finally, we introduced several exciting probe advances and launched a new easy search and order E-commerce site for probes and AFM accessories (visit website).

As We Begin 2012
We are again excited at what the next year promises. Bruker is fully committed to our tradition of innovation and the development of new products that help advance research in materials and life sciences for both academia and industry. We have impressive plans to upgrade our customer-care and manufacturing facilities around the world, to provide the best possible environment for success for both our employees and customers. In particular, we will be opening 4 new international customer care centers to provide regional expertise and to ensure personal contact, increased local training, and faster response and repair time.

Thank you for your continued support, and I am looking very much forward to the great advances we will make together this year.

Product News

Dimension FastScanDimension FastScan™
The Word's Fastest AFM Breaks Barriers and Enables New Possibilities and Science

Bruker made a huge breakthrough in AFM technology by delivering extreme imaging speed without the loss of performance or image quality. Read More

PeakForce TUNA™
Highest Resolution Nanoelectrical and Electrochemical AFM Technology

PeakForce TUNA™ enables very high resolution nanoelectrical characterization on fragile samples, including organic photovoltaics, lithium ion battery composites, and carbon nanotube–based device structures. Read More

Advanced AFM-RAMAN Solutions
Advancing TERS and Co-Located Research through the Combination of Industry-Leading Atomic Force Microscopy and Raman Spectroscopy Dimension FastScan

Researchers no longer have to worry about the hassles involved in integrating two technologies to take advantage of the latest innovations in TERS or co-located AFM-Raman research capabilities. Read More

MultiMode® 8 AFM with ScanAsyst–HR
Delivers 6X Increase in Image Rate
The gold standard in AFM now has fast scanning capabilities, providing direct 6X increase in imaging rate for significantly improved research productivity. Read More

Customer Corner

PeakForce QNM® for Quantitative Nanomechanical Mapping

This publication spotlight highlights a paper published in the November 2011 issue of Measurement Science and Technology. It is titled “The use of the PeakForce™ quantitative nanomechanical mapping AFM-based method for high-resolution Young’s modulus measurement of polymers,” and is authored by a highly regarded group of scientists mostly out of National Physical Laboratory (NPL) in the United Kingdom. Read More

Customer Corner Committed to Unsurpassed Customer Care

Training RoomOver the past year Bruker has been augmenting the customer service solutions for its Nano Surfaces division. To ensure customers receive the fastest possible repair and service turn around worldwide, we are opening five new customer care centers around the globe. Our new customer care centers will include local call centers along with repair and training. Read more

Introducing the New NanoTheater

The NanoTheater is a collection of select images and datasets representing the wide range of applications enabled by Bruker's world-leading atomic force microscopes, stylus profilers, and 3D optical microscopes. Visit now

Customer Corner
Catalog Now Available

Download a PDF now at

2011 Probes and Accessories Catalog The latest edition of Bruker’s popular Probes and Accessories Catalog is now available online. This comprehensive catalog includes extensive information on all probes and accessories currently available from Bruker. As a valuable resource guide, it also provides tools such as the probes selector guide, product information on Bruker AFMs, and an educational section covering the most widely used AFM modes and their related probes.

Getting the most up-to-date product information is easy – simply go to You can choose to order a printed copy or you can download a PDF version of the catalog. The PDF version contains hyperlinks throughout that connect automatically to the relevant webpages for whichever probes, accessories or AFM products you choose. Be sure to get your copy today!

Nanovations is a quarterly newsletter from Bruker Nano Surfaces Division. We welcome your feedback and encourage you to share your ideas for topics you would like us to cover in future issues. Please send your comments or suggestions to Steve Hopkins, Marketing Communications Supervisor.

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