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MIRO 2.0 for BioScope Catalyst

posted by SeanHand
Tue, Dec 29 2009

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MIRO 2.0 for BioScope Catalyst

The new MIRO 2.0 (Microscope Image Registration and Overlay) software completes the compromise-free integration of optical and atomic force microscopy (AFM) by providing the tools necessary to control the combined optical/AFM Bioscope™ CatalystTM system and analyze the resulting data. MIRO 2.0 allows AFM and optical data to be overlaid on the same canvas for direct correlation of image data. It enables researchers to examine select regions of interest on registered optical/fluorescence images for either higher resolution three-dimensional AFM imaging or highly sensitive force measurements. In turn, this allows the correlation of structure and functional sample parameters – a critical element in many life-science applications.

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