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Tip Check on Dimension FastScan

Tip Check on Dimension FastScan
posted by Stephen Minne
Mon, May 9 2011

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This experiment shows 275, 5um, 1024x1024 pixel image, taken at 17Hz (170um/s tip velocity). Each image is analyzed using the blind reconstruction method in the NanoScope SW to determine the estimated tip diameter, and is plotted versus image number.

The results show that over this entire 270 image sequence, the tip remains extremely sharp and virtually unchanged, at 16nm.

For this level of force control, this image would normally be taken at ~0.5Hz. Note this data set is at 1024 x 1024, so a single frame would normally take 34min. With FastScan we are accomplishing about 1 frame per minute. With a regular system this experiment would take 6.4 days – with FastScan we did this in an afternoon (4.6hrs).

In addition to demonstrating the capability, force control, and stability of FastScan’s High Speed Imaging capability, I think this is a good example of how high speed imaging enables higher productivity  - getting you to publishable data faster.

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