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Dimension FastScan 22Hz Celgard(R) Image

Dimension FastScan 22Hz Celgard(R) Image
posted by Stephen Minne
Sat, Jun 11 2011

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It’s good to see some community attempts at replicating the performance of the Dimension FastScan. The screen shot below is of a 1um, 512x512, 22Hz, Video of Celgard® taken with the Dimension FastScan (Video link at end). This demonstration is over twice as fast as the 10Hz video we show above.

As you start to see different images and movies, there are a couple key things to look for: In the FastScan phase images you can see a couple important things. Each of the domains on the top surface is well defined. If a system is not tracking, or scanning beyond its limits, those features will look washed out as in the example on the right. Another good indication of tracking is if the phase signal “tops-out”. In the FastScan image at 22Hz, this is not a problem. In the image on the right the system is not fully tracking as indicated by the white vertical streaks in the image, or alternatively, the significant dips in the line traces.

It’s also good to look at the topography line traces. Sometimes, trace/retrace will not match. Often this can be corrected by simple optimization, and this in turn can lead to significantly faster imaging speeds. However, if it coupled with the phase problems, like on the left images, it more likely this indicates a system is trying to imaging beyond its capability.

Also, in your evaluations be sure to include all of the criteria to be considered fast. The previous robust community discussion also recommended TipCheck and a Grating videos.


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