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ECAFM Research Solution

posted by Thomas Mueller
Tue, May 15 2012

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ECAFM Research Solution

Bruker’s closed electrochemical cells enable a wide range of new electrochemical atomic force microscopy (ECAFM) research. Available for Dimension Icon® and Dimension Edge™ AFMs, the cells have been designed for the widest solvent compatibility and ease of setup, even inside a glove box. In addition, Bruker’s unique ScanAsyst® offers the easiest available in situ liquid scanning with ECAFM, while revolutionary PeakForce QNM® Imaging Mode enables the quantitative collection of nanomechanical property information. In every way, these cells fully leverage the performance and capabilities of the Icon platform and are fully compatible with Bruker’s turnkey 1ppm environmental control. The ECAFM package transforms the AFM into a powerful yet easy-to-use solution for nanoscale electrochemistry research in difficult applications ranging from corrosion to lithium (Li) battery research.

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