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Raman and TERS Application Note

posted by Thomas Mueller
Mon, Feb 25 2013

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Raman and TERS Application Note

Applications note #139 “AFM and Raman Spectroscopy – Correlated Imaging and Tip Enhanced Raman Scattering”:

·         Educates about AFM and Raman spectroscopy and explains the benefits of combining them in a straightforward way.

·         Highlights Bruker’s unique offerings in the field, the Innova-IRIS, Catalyst-IRIS, and ICON to suit the need for applications solution in industry and research environments.

·         Shows the benefits of combining Bruker’s unique PeakForce QNM technology in conjunction with Raman microscopy to gain a better understanding of your sample.

·         Addresses a variety of applications areas: Polymers, Graphene, Molecular systems, and semiconductors.

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