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Investigating Cell Mechanics with PeakForce QNM

posted by Thomas Mueller
Fri, Mar 21 2014

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Investigating Cell Mechanics with PeakForce QNM

The recent release of Bruker's PeakForce QNM® resolves this limitation and has successfully demonstrated improved results in terms of resolution, speed, ease-of-use, and quality of the information delivered. PeakForce QNM imaging of living cells provides both high-resolution and quantitative two-dimensional spatial maps of cell mechanics that directly correlate to cell topography. Additionally, the different frequencies accessible with both force volume and PeakForce QNM provide new opportunities for examination of viscoelastic properties. In this webinar we will review our latest progress using the BioScope Catalyst™ AFM and PeakForce QNM to study live mammalian and prokaryotic cells, as well as describe the latest NanoScope® and NanoScope Analysis features for acquiring and analyzing nanomechanical measurements.

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