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Webinar Video - AFM: Characterizing Biomaterials at the Nanoscale

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Webinar Video - AFM: Characterizing Biomaterials at the Nanoscale
Tue, Jun 22 2010

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AFM Webinar Series:

Atomic Force Microscopy: Characterizing Biomaterials at the Nanoscale


All events that occur in determining the biocompatibility of a biomaterial are based on molecular-scale interactions. Understanding how the properties of a biomaterial can influence these interactions has important implications, such as ensuring the successful development of medical devices and tissue scaffolds. Atomic force microscopy is an ideal technique for these molecular-scale measurements, as it not only provides nanometer-resolution 3D topography images and quantitative measurements of surface roughness and nanomechanical properties, but it can obtain this data in situ and in real-time, under near-physiological conditions. This webinar presents Veeco's latest AFM technology for biomaterials research and development, and will focus on applications for material properties characterization, biocompatibility, and tissue engineering.


Andrea L. Slade, PhD Life Science Applications Scientist, Veeco Instruments, Inc.

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