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August 2012, Vol. 2

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nano image
nano image Newsletter
Vol. 2 August 2012

Seeing at the Nanoscale 2012

Continued Innovation Delivers
the Ultimate in AFM Technology

As the world leader in AFM technology and manufacturing, Bruker takes its responsibility to support the industry with continual innovation and customer service very seriously. In product innovation, we are pleased to announce another first, the Dimension FastScan Bio™ AFM, which enables high-resolution microscopy research in biological dynamics. Now, with FastScan Bio, advanced studies of the dynamics behind protein, DNA, RNA, membrane, cell and tissue interactions is an easy possibility for mainstream biology research.

Mark Munch,
Bruker Nano Surfaces

Bruker's continued investment in technology has helped us to build upon past innovations to create new possibilities. When we first introduced TappingMode™, it was a major advance in technology that grew to become the standard for AFM investigation. The introduction of Peak Force Tapping® just over two years ago proved to be just as revolutionary. Now Peak Force Tapping is delivering atomic resolution on larger samples using standard cantilevers. This breakthrough has led to our inclusion of proprietary atomic PeakForce Capture™ and ScanAsyst® ease-of-use on our recently released Dimension FastScan™ Atomic AFM. The result is another major breakthrough of atomic resolution without sacrificing image quality or the system's legendary throughput. FastScan is now truly the ultimate AFM platform available today.

In the emerging area of AFM-Raman, we have listened to the needs of our customers and have partnered directly with leading Raman instrumentation companies to deliver complete, state-of-the-art solutions. Our Integrated AFM-Raman Imaging Systems remove the guesswork from TERS and provide users the ability to perform integrated AFM-Raman research without having to worry about compatibility of instrumentation and data. We are very excited about hosting several demonstrations and workshops featuring this technology, and hope that you will be able to attend one at a location near you.

We also have been busy upgrading our facilities, factories and customer care centers. In April we opened our first new Bio Technology facility at the University of Delaware, and are planning the opening of several additional facilities around the world over the next year. In addition, to better serve the needs of our customers around the globe, we have opened several international customer care centers, first offering call services, but quickly expanding our offerings to include warranty, repair and training. In the beginning of July, we hosted the tenth annual Seeing at the Nanoscale conference in historic Bristol, UK. As this event always does, Seeing at the Nanoscale 2012 brought together renowned researchers to share their latest research in AFM technology one-on-one with their peers. Events such as this and other workshops, tradeshows, and support trips help keep Bruker personnel continually interacting with researchers and helps us stay at the very leading edge of AFM technology advancement. Please enjoy our latest news.

10th Anniversary Event

Seeing at the Nanoscale 2012, just held at the Wills Memorial Building, University of Bristol in the United Kingdom was a huge success with attendees from 27 countries. Industry and research leaders presented papers and posters and attended workshops over the three-day interactive event. Topics ranged from biological applications and nanomaterials to energy and instrument development. Read More


Visit Us at


Aug. 12-17 International Conference on Raman Spectroscopy 2012 (ICORS2012)
Bangalore, India

Aug. 15-17 2012 Control China
Shanghai, China

Aug. 16-19 NanoKorea Ilsan
Ilsan, Korea

SEP 3-7
Donostia - San Sebastian, Spain

SEP 14-19
AFM BioMed Summer School
Cracow, Poland

SEP 16-21
European Microscopy Congress EMC 2012
Manchester, UK

SEP 23-26
Kerkrade, Netherlands

Aug 8,24
Workshop for Life Science Application

Sep 5-7
(with Bruker seminar)

Sep 11-14
Applied Physics Autumn

Sep 12-14
Toyota Solution Fair

Sep 16-18
Tribology Conference in Autumn
North America

August 19-23 ACS FALL
Philadelphia, PA

September 30 - October 4
SCIX 2012
Kansas City, MO

Product Highlights

Dimension FastScan
Achieves Atomic Resolution

Now, in addition to ultimate speed and resolution, the Dimension FastScan™ achieves milestone of atomic resolution imaging, without compromising application flexibility or productivity. Now, the fastest AFM on the planet is simply the best AFM in the world.
Read More

Advancing TERS Research through the Combination of Industry-Leading Atomic Force Microscopy & Raman Spectroscopy

Researchers can now take advantage of the latest innovation to develop TERS research capabilities in complete confidence. No longer do you have to worry about integrating two technologies; Bruker, the leading manufacturer of atomic force microscopes (AFM), has partnered directly with the industry's top Raman companies to deliver a full and state-of-the-art solution. Bruker introduces the Integrated AFM-Raman Imaging System (IRIS). Read More


First Commercial Bio-AFM
to Capture High-Resolution Dynamics with Ease

The new Dimension FastScan Bio™ Atomic Force Microscope (AFM) enables high-resolution microscopy research in biological dynamics. The system also introduces features and a user interface that make significant strides in ease of use and productivity for biologists.
Read More


Global Resources, Local Expertise

Bruker has a long history of providing the best service possible to its customers. Building upon this reputation, Bruker has made significant enhancements to its service solutions for its Nano Surfaces Division over the past year. To ensure customers receive the fastest possible repair and service turn around worldwide, we are opening five new customer care centers to answer the needs of our surface metrology customers around the globe. Read More

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