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Innovation with Integrity

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Message from Our Executive Vice President
and General Manager

November 2012

David Rossi
Executive Vice President
And General Manager

PeakForce Tapping Reaches 100 Citations
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Bruker Opens Another Customer Service Facility
As we enter the final quarter of 2012, Bruker is continuing to lead the atomic force microscope (AFM) industry in solutions and options that both advance scientific possibilities and expand AFM usability to ever wider numbers of researchers. As you can see from our latest product offerings, we are advancing ease-of-use, automation and design while remaining unsurpassed in performance, speed and resolution. Through industry involvement and workshops, you have helped us develop packages that provide new levels of flexibility, automation, performance and capabilities. I want to thank you for your involvement and assure you that we are listening. This is truly an exciting time to be an AFM manufacturer.

Along those lines, Bruker has further refined and created specific tools, packages and options for individual industries and segments. For example, we have made great strides in our solutions for nanoelectrical research, such as the new PeakForce KPFM™ package for Dimension Icon® and MultiMode® 8 AFMs. In nanomechanical and nanochemical studies, Bruker's PeakForce QNM® uniquely enables quantitative mechanical property measurements at the atomic scale, and our Innova-IRIS TERS fully integrates the best capabilities of AFM with Raman spectroscopy to provide a complete TERS solution.

We are also committed to providing unsurpassed speed and resolution with our truly revolutionary PeakForce Tapping™. which utilizes piconewton force control to collect atomic resolution images. We are pleased to announce that PeakForce Tapping has experienced a super fast adoption throughout the industry, as is proven by its citation in over 100 papers in three years since its release. Similarly, our proprietary ScanAsyst® redefines AFM ease-of-use and measurement confidence and repeatability. Our full system solutions, such as Dimension FastScan® and Dimension FastScan Bio™, incorporate these advances and many other innovations to deliver the ultimate AFM experience in speed, performance and resolution.

Equally important, is our commitment to customer service. Bruker has opened several new customer care centers this year and just recently celebrated the grand opening of our facility in Karlsruhe, Germany, offering test/diagnostics, regional repairs, training, and local call center support for faster regional service and response. I hope you enjoy this edition of our quarterly newsletter, and as always, we welcome any questions, suggestions or inquiries.
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