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Sandeep Singh posted on Wed, May 31 2017 1:44 AM

can PFM studies be done using multimode V system?

Is there any special software/hardware requirement in MM V AFM with NS V controller for the PFM studies?

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Suggested by Bede Pittenger

Certainly!  There is no special requirement to do PFM (just use contact mode and configure the lockins through generic lockin).  I recommend putting the AC bias to the tip and reducing the 'amplitude limit' for the lockin that you are using.  I think lockins 2 and 3 are preferred depending on your AC freq (use lockin 2 for high freq).

The Dimension Icon is more optimized for PFM.  If you have some funds available, you might consider getting one, or you could ask your local sales person about getting a special MM PFM package that would provide some of the benefits of the Icon version.

Hope that helps!


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