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High aspect ratio surface photo resist

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HarryC posted on Wed, Jul 21 2010 2:40 PM


I have a wafer sample with patterned PR wanting to topographically profile some high aspect ratio trenches. I have a FIB1-100 tip loaded into my dimension icon system. I have decent surface tracking except that what should be rectangular appear rounded at the island and seam-like in the trench. It's as if the tip is not getting into the trench.

The islands and trenches are both about 40-50nm wide. Has anyone used this setup? I am in soft-tapping mode, and need to optimize my settings to get a better representation of the surface.



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Good Evening Harry -

  Our FIB probes are conical with a very sharp end radius similar to that of a TESP.  The specification on these probes is based on the width of the spike at a defined height up from the probe apex.  In your case, the FIB1-100 is 100nm wide 1 um up from the probe apex, as another example,  a FIB4-200 is 200nm wide 4um up from the probe apex.   The FIB1-100 probe should be able to make this measurement.   When you quote 40-50nm wide,  is this top or bottom CD?  How deep are the trenches?  Do you have a known structure on which you can characterize the width of the probe up to a known depth (i.e. a contact hole, resist recess, something like that). 

  If you would like to send me some images, I could take a look at them to see if I have any other suggestions for probe choices.

Best Regards,


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