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April 2012, Vol. 1

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Vol. 1 April 2012

Bio Facility

2012 Bio-AFM and Year of Advancement

At Bruker's Nano Surfaces Division we are dedicated to advanced AFM technology supported by unsurpassed customer care. In 2012, our users continue to experience this dedication through our release of leading AFM solutions, modes, and instrumentation.

This year we are planning a lot of enhancements to our Life Science capabilities. Our Bio R&D team has been concentrating on developments that are specifically tailored to meet the needs of the Life Sciences community - especially in the area of cell mechanics, imaging dynamic processes, and single molecule research. Our ground breaking BioScope Catalyst™ continues to evolve, enabling new application and discovery. Our Dimension FastScan™ is being called the new performance standard in AFM; its high-resolution and high-speed capabilities are opening new possibilities in bio. The venerable MultiMode® platform, with the largest installed base of any AFM, is now universally upgradeable to MultiMode® 8, with the optional "High Rate" ScanAsyst capability. Our probes team continues to provide synergistic capability in new cantilever designs.

We are also making significant investments in our Bio-AFM facilities, and are currently planning five new centers around the globe in 2012. These biotechnology facilities will support internal development as well as specific interaction and experimentation in partnership with our customers. We are having the grand opening of the Delaware facility on April 11, and hope you can join us for that event. PDF Flyer. For a list of the other locations see the full article in this newsletter.

Steve Minne,
Senior Director Applications Development and Training at Bruker AXS

We will also be hosting bio workshops in every region and continue to provide training and informational webinars online. We are very fortunate to be working with leaders within the Life Sciences community and continue to reach out for active partnerships with our customers through our bio advisory team.

Finally, Seeing at the Nanoscale 2012 is fast approaching. This year it is being held at the Wills Memorial Building in Bristol, United Kingdom on July 9 -11. It is the perfect forum for learning and experiencing the latest advancements and research and the ability to interact with your peers and industry thought leaders one-on-one. Don't miss out, register now, and we hope to see you there.

Yours in Science,
Stephen Minne


Seeing at the Nanoscale 2012

Register Now

Seeing at the Nanoscale 2012, the tenth annual scientific conference focusing on nanostructural imaging, characterization, and technique development in Biology, Energy, and Material Science Applications using scanning probe microscopy (SPM) and related techniques. These event will be held from July 09th-11th, 2012, at the Wills Memorial Building, University of Bristol in the United Kingdom.


Learn More Or Visit Us At

April 13-16
28th China Chemical Congress
Chengdu China

May 8-10
Lab Indonesia
Jakarta Indonesia

June 2-5
International symposium on Polymer Physics (PP 2012)
Chengdu China

June 6-8
PHL Semiconductor and Electronics Convention and Exhibition (PSECE) 2012 Manila Philippines
May 21-25
3rd Granada International School of Crystallization ICS 2012
Granada Spain
April 11-13
22nd Finetech, Japan, Tokyo

May 29-31

61st SPSJ (The Society of Polymer Science) Annual Meeting
North America
April 21-25
Experimental Biology, Visit Bruker at booth 346 - San Diego, CA, USA

April 23-27
39th International Conference on Metallurgical Coatings and Thin Films (ICMCTF), Visit Bruker at booth 212 - San Diego, CA, USA

April 24-26
SAE 2012 World Congress, Visit Bruker at booth 1113 - Detroit, MI, USA

May 06-10
Society of Tribologists and Lubrication Engineers (STLE) - St. Louis, MO, USA

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BioScope Catalyst and new Software Tools Fuel Advances in Mechanobiology:

Atomic force microscopy (AFM) has become a key enabling technology within the emerging field of research known as mechanobiology, which broadly considers how molecules and cells both respond to mechanical stimuli and themselves exert forces on their surroundings and how these interactions relate to normal biological function as well as various disease states. Read More

Bruker Announces Opening of Biotechnology Facilities Worldwide.

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