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Re-loading PeakForce QNM Calibration values: Is it possible?

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Jerome S. Jourdan posted on Fri, Aug 10 2012 12:40 PM

Is it possible to re-enter values for Deflection Sensitivity, Spring Constant and Tip radius into PeakForce QNM experiments?  After calibration/imaging I may want to switch to TappingMode to image the same area, but this means that when I go back to PeakForce QNM mode the calibration values are gone.  I can re-enter spring constant and tip radius values into the extended menu, but cannot find where to enter deflection sensitivity. I have Ver. 8.15.

Any thoughts? 

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Sure, you can enter Spring Constant and Tip Radius into the "Cantilever Parameters" parameter list and deflection sensitivity into the Calibrate>Detector dialog (look under the Calibrate menu).  Alternatively, you can uncheck the "Ignore Probe Parameters" box in the experiment selector when you switch from one experiment to another...


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