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Is it possbile to get 3d information of each pixel in AFM images?

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psuxi posted on Fri, Feb 22 2013 10:37 AM

After I got images with Peak force QNM, I want to know the (x y z) data of each pixel for data process. x y are the position on scanning surface, z is one of the measured properties such as height, adhesion ....  Is it possible for images opened in NanoScope Analysis to export as 3 columns of data?

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I'm afraid not.  You could get this by calculating the positions using the scan size and the samples/line and lines, or you could save the X and Y sensor as separate images and use the measured position for each pixel (you will need to calibrate the X and Y sensor in the "Calibrate>Detector" dialog).  Either way will require some manipulation from you.  I would suggest using Igor, Python or Matlab.


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