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The DDS 3 Output in Nanoscope V.

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umarkhan posted on Tue, Nov 22 2011 5:15 AM


       I am using a DAQ card to read the general I/O outputs 1 and 2 from the front panel of the nanoscope V controller.  Now I want to use the DDS3 Output to read a third low frequency analog signal, which I will select using the nanoscope software. Can you please tell me how I can enable the DDS3 to be used as a low frequency analog output?

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                         Umar Khan.


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Suggested by Ang Li


DDS3 is indeed a low frequency analog output so you should be able to simply turn it on using the “Generic Lockin” control panel in the SW. This is described in the manual. The only caveat is that in some modes (such as PFM or QNM) DDS3 is used at part of the mode and therefore unavailable.

Hope this helps, if not please repost where you are getting stuck and what mode you are in.


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