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NanoLithography Support Note 316, Revision A

posted by Stephen Minne
Tue, Jul 6 2010

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NanoLithography Support Note 316, Revision A

This support note details NanoLithography theory, NanoScript™ syntax for performing lithography commands and procedures to test, build and run NanoLithography programs. Refer to the following sections for using your NanoLithography Package:

New NanoLithography Package: Section 316.2 on Page 2
Package Contents: Section 316.2.1 on Page 2
Terms and Definitions: Section 316.2.2 on Page 3
NanoLithography Theory: Section 316.3 on Page 5
Procedures to Perform NanoLithography: Section 316.4 on Page 8
Testing Your System [LithoHelloWorld.dll]: Section 316.4.2 on Page 9
Testing Your System [Diamond.dll]: Section 316.4.3 on Page 15
Modifying a Lithography Program: Section 316.4.4 on Page 19
Writing a New Lithography Program: Section 316.4.5 on Page 24
Exporting Older Programs into Version 5.12 or Later: Section 316.4.6 on Page 30
Performance Tips: Section 316.4.7 on Page 31
Sample Programs Overview: Section 316.5 on Page 33
NanoScript Macros: Section 316.6 on Page 37
Litho.h Functions: Section 316.7 on Page 38
Gui.h Functions: Section 316.8 on Page 46

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