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July 2011, Issue 2

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Posted: Wed, Jul 13 2011 5:43 PM
July 2011, Issue 02

Seeing at the Nanoscale 2011

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July 19-21, UCSB

Don't miss this unique opportunity to learn from and network with leading SPM scientists! Get your hands on the latest advances and techniques in nanotechnology. For details on scientific talks and agenda – Click Here

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Seeing at the Nanoscale starts soon

Bruker Opens $6 Million Center of Excellence In Singapore

To better serve our customers across the world, it is important to provide global expertise and the ability to view and experience our innovative new products at the local level. The Singapore opening marks our continued commitment to providing the highest level of support and collaboration for our research, biopharma, clinical and advanced materials and industrial customers in Southeast Asia. For more information or questions contact us at:

Upcoming FastScan Workshop

27, July 2011 In Osaka, Japan

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Seeing at the Nanoscale 2011 – July 19-22, UCSB
Microscopy & Microanalysis 2011 – Aug 7-11, Nashville, TN
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Micromachine/MEMS 2011, Jul 13-15, Tokyo
DISKCON JAPAN 2011, Aug 2-3, Tokyo
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AFM Biomed Conference -- Aug 23-27, Paris, France
35th MSI's Annual Symposium -- Aug 24-26, Dublin, Ireland
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August 24-26, Nano Korea, Seoul, Korea
September 7-9, China Nano, Beijing, China
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The Nanoscale World. Your AFM Technical Questions Answered Online.

Get more from your AFM with The Nanoscale World™ online users forum. Now you can access hundreds of Bruker AFM experts and thousands of AFM community members worldwide and online any time of day or night. The Nanoscale World offers AFM researchers a direct connection to the most active and high-powered AFM community in the world. The site has over 1600 users with many thousands of years of combined AFM and SPM experience. The Nanoscale World is increasing at over 150 members per month, and is highly vibrant with over 150 new posts per month along with a large and growing archive. Join The Nanoscale World now!

Updated Webinars

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David Rossi, Vice President and General Manager
David Rossi
Vice President and
General Manager

Message from Our Vice President and General Manager:

Since the invention of the AFM, improving its productivity and scientific capability by increasing its fundamental speed of operation has always been one of the field’s greatest goals - and one of its greatest challenges. The researchers at Bruker have long been committed to this challenge, and I am pleased to announce that, in May, we released the Dimension FastScan™ - the world's fastest AFM.

The Dimension FastScan™ development team worked with many AFM leaders to both understand high-speed enabled research objectives as well as the corresponding enabling high-speed technology. In our labs, we refined these considerations in the pursuit of bringing together the best-of-all into one instrument. The result was the creation of an AFM that ideally marries high-resolution performance, with tip-scan sample flexibility AND high bandwidth imaging. I believe the FastScan will change the way the SPM community thinks about and uses the AFM, but this is something you must judge for yourself - please accept my invitation to join us at one of the many FastScan workshops we are running around the world.

On our website and in our application notes, you can find numerous examples of how researchers are discovering that, with the Dimension FastScan, they can run experiments never before thought possible. These applications range from enabling the observation of polymer and biological dynamics to conducting statistical screening experiments in hours rather than weeks. Even better, the Dimension FastScan is powered by ScanAsyst™, which enables single-button high-speed imaging for virtually any sample. This ease-of-use enhancement alone increases AFM productivity to levels that rival SEM throughput, particularly for multi-user research environments and industry, enabling new AFM best practices as well as new research.

While our scientific staff has been busy bringing you the Dimension FastScan, we have continued to advance all our product lines. Since our last newsletter we have released the following new products and features:

  • The new Dimension Electrochemistry accessory provides the most complete solution for electrochemical scanning probe microscopy
  • Dimension Icon AFM has been extended with advanced Raman spectroscopy and imaging capability
  • We have release our new line of Broadband™ Probes that have fr, k, and Q specifically designed for high-speed, low-force imaging on Dimension FastScan
  • The latest VITA™ module upgrade extends nanoscale thermal analysis from single manual measurements to fully automated thermal property mapping
  • An updated version of our industry-leading NanoScope Software offering some great new features and upgrades

We are excited about each of these advancements and the new possibilities they empower. If you have a technical question, please visit The Nanoscale World online AFM technical community. We thank you for your continued support and hope to see you later this month at Seeing at the Nanoscale, starting July 19.

Product News Dimension FastScanDimension FastScan
The World's Fastest AFM

Bruker's Dimension FastScan™ is the world's fastest AFM. This groundbreaking system delivers a new level of throughput and horsepower that is changing forever the abilities of AFM technology, allowing experiments never before done on an AFM and enabling new possibilities. Read Article

Customer Research Spotlight

BioScope CatalystResearch Spotlight - The BioScope Catalyst and Fluorescence Techniques Enable Researchers to Learn More about Cell Mechanics and Functions Read Article

Continued Innovation

Download New NanoScope Analysis - Free

2011 Probes and Accessories CatalogWe have recently released an updated version of our industry-leading NanoScope® software, NanoScope Analysis with lots of great new features.  NanoScope Analysis is a software package for analyzing scanning probe microscope (SPM) data (images, ramp data, HSDC, etc.) collected using Bruker SPMs. More Info

Bruker Probes

New Products, and a New Website.

To correspond with the launch of Dimension FastScan, our teams have worked to introduce our new broadband probes. Later this month we will be launching our new enhanced Probes website. Find out more

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