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April 2013, Issue 1

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Tracy Krainer Posted: Thu, Apr 4 2013 4:49 PM

Innovation with Integrity

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Atomic Force Microscopy

David Rossi
Executive Vice President
and General Manager Bruker's AFM Business
Enabling AFM Advancement
Bruker has always been committed to partnering with our customers to meet their advanced research needs. Based on these interactions, we have recently launched a number of new products that continue to keep Bruker AFM users at the cutting edge of SPM science and highly differentiated in their research. PeakForce Tapping™ is a good example of this type of core technology; we have recently made it more powerful by combining it with the common electrical modes (C-AFM, TUNA, KPFM, and EC), and at the same time making these measurements quantitative. This is part of a long-term investment in the technology that includes implementing patented new microscope, algorithm, and probe capabilities. We have also responded to the community's feedback on our quantitative nanomechanical package, PeakForce QNM, by adding more real-time models and implementing force curve capture at every pixel. On our IRIS TERS product lines, we are now providing TERS probes with guaranteed enhancements and yields - a feature that ranked #1 by our customers as the most important success factor in the field. Read more



brukerBruker Introduces Proprietary
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Regional Customer Care Center Opens in Karlsruhe, Germany 

customer careBruker is committed to providing its customers with the most comprehensive global resources combined with local expertise to keep them operating at the highest success levels. To further these goals, Bruker is opening five new, state-of-the-art customer care facilities. Read More

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peakforce Bruker Introduces Dimension Icon SSRM-HR AFM for Highest Resolution Semiconductor Characterization 
Integrating Bruker's industry-leading Dimension Icon®  platform with an environmental control system, encompassing 1ppm gas purity and high-vacuum control, the New Dimension Icon SSRM-HR atomic force microscope (AFM) configuration provides the highest spatial resolution, most accurate device mapping, and the most repeatable carrier density mapping available today. Read More
peakforce Bruker Fuels the Future of Graphene 
There continues to be tremendous interest in the study of graphene's and atomic force microscopy is leading the way. Bruker advancements are fueling study of Graphene's unique properties, such as linear dispersion (massless electrons), electron mobility and minimum conductivity. Read More
article image High-Performance TERS Probes 
New IRIS TERS probe tips provide users a complete path to non-destructive, label-free chemical detection at the nanoscale.Read More
article image Seeing at the Nanoscale Is Coming to a Venue Near You 
In 2012 Seeing at the Nanoscale celebrated its twelfth year. The growing participation, interest and valued interaction are the catalyst for Bruker's new regional Seeing at the Nanoscale events in 2013. Read More


Bruker Sponsors AFM BioMed Conference in Shanghai
Save the date for the 5th AFM BioMed Conference on May 7th-11th 2013 in Shanghai, China,hosted by Shanghai Institute of Applied Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Shanghai Jiao Tong University and Shanghai Normal University. Scientific sessions will take place in the Shanghai Synchrotron Radiation Facility (SSRF). The Conference will be chaired by Professor Jun Hu, Shanghai Institute of Applied Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences. Sign up for Bruker's training day set for Tuesday, May 7, 2013. For more information and to see a list of speakers Read More


Upcoming Events
arrow April 9-12 
Manufacturing Technology Asia (MTA 2013)
arrow April 25-26 
Korean Institute of Metal and Materials
Jeju, Korea
arrow May 7-9
Semicon Singapore 2013 
arrow April 23-26
ImagineNano 2013
With Telstar
Bilbao, Spain
arrow April 25-26
Nanoscal 2013 
Paris, France
arrow April 26
Dutch SPM Day
North America
arrow April 12
2013 Oklahoma Microscopy Society Spring Workshop
Norman, OK USA
arrow April 17-18
Seeing at the Nanoscale with NUANCE
Evanston, IL USA
arrow April 30
Seeing at the Nanoscale AFM Workshop at Stanford 
Palo Alto, CA USA
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