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Nanovations Newsletter - November 2012, Issue 3

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Innovation with Integrity

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Atomic Force Microscopy

David Rossi Message from Our Executive Vice President and General Manager
As we enter the final quarter of 2012, Bruker is continuing to lead the atomic force microscope (AFM) industry in solutions and options that both advance scientific possibilities and expand AFM usability to ever wider numbers of researchers. As you can see from our latest product offerings, we are advancing ease-of-use, automation and design while remaining unsurpassed in performance, speed and resolution. Through industry involvement and workshops, you have helped us develop packages that provide new levels of flexibility, automation, performance and capabilities. I want to thank you for your involvement and assure you that we are listening. This is truly an exciting time to be an AFM manufacturer. Read More




Dimension FastScan Wins Microscopy Today's 2012 Innovation Award microscopy today
Microscopy Today recognizes the unigue capabilities of Bruker's Dimension FastScan® and has given the system the prestigious Innovation Award for 2012. Read More

Regional Customer Care Center Opens in Karlsruhe, Germany

customer care Bruker is committed to providing its customers with the most comprehensive global resources combined with local expertise to keep them operating at the highest success levels. To further these goals, Bruker is opening five new, state-of-the-art customer care facilities. Read More

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bruker Bruker Launches New Website
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peakforce Bruker's Exclusive PeakForce Tapping Technology Creates New Possibilities in KPFM
Bruker's new PeakForce-KPFM™ package for Dimension Icon® and MultiMode® 8 is the first and only solution to achieve leading-edge KPFM spatial resolution that is guaranteed to be artifact-free. Read More

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article image Bruker Introduces New BioScope Catalyst Tools for Mechanobiology Research
Bruker recently released a new Nanomechanics Package that significantly expands Bio-AFM applications in mechanobiology research. The package includes new analysis models in PeakForce QNM®, the new PeakForce Capture™ function, and the newly enhanced Quantitative Force-Volume Mapping mode. Read More
article image Bruker Supports 2012 Marine Biological Laboratory Physiology Course
For the fifth year in a row, Bruker has supported the Marine Biological Laboratory (MBL) Physiology Course at Woods Hole, at the invitation of Dr. Daniel Fletcher, Professor of Bioengineering at the University of California, Berkeley, with the loan of a BioScope Catalyst™ atomic force microscope (AFM). Read More

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article image New Data & TERS Probe Development
Users of Bruker's integrated Innova-IRIS TERS systems can now start to take advantage of our TERS probes development, by working with Bruker as beta customers. Together, with the leading performance of the Innova-IRIS systems these TERS probes will enable the first complete commercial TERS solution. Highlighting the capabilities of such a complete system, we have generated extensive new TERS and correlated AFM-Raman data, on graphene and silicon. Read More

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AFM Your Old AFM Can Do Incredible New Things
Now you can upgrade any MultiMode® AFM to take advantage of Bruker's latest breakthroughs in ease of use, in direct quantitative mapping of nanoscale sample modulus and adhesion, and in 20x faster survey scans Read More

Upcoming Events
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China exhibition and forum on Solid State Lighting 2012 (ChinaSSL 2012)
Guangzhou, China
arrow Nov 14
National Metallurgist Day (NMD)
Hyderabad, India
arrow Nov 25-27
The 8th China (Shenzhen) International Touchscreen Exhibition 2012
ShenZhen, China
arrow Nov 13-14
French SPM
Users Meeting
Louvain, Belgique
arrow Nov 28-29
Veldhoven, Netherlands
arrow Nov 28-Dec 02
7th Workshop on Applications of Scanning Probe Microscopy
STM/AFM 2012
Zakopane, Poland
arrow Nov 20-22
The Surface Science Society of Japan
Tohoku University, Japan
arrow Dec 5-7
Japan 2012
Makuhari, Japan
arrow Dec 17-19
20th International Colloquium on Scanning Probe Microscopy
Okinawa, Japan
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Booth #518/520
Phoenix, AZ
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Boston, MA
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San Francisco, CA
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